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I Am Bread is an interactive fiction game that’ll keep you glued to your keyboard until you beat your final score.
You play as a mysterious turntable-shaped object known as Bread. While Bread is on tour through the lands, a magic baker’s apprentice has stolen a loaf of bread. To get it back, you must travel the lands, where you meet characters, converse with them, solve puzzles, explore locations, and ultimately deliver bread to the proper recipient.
The stakes couldn’t be higher. The whole world depends on you.
There are four different gameplay modes: All Story, Adventurer, Single Room, and Quests. The seven different character types are: Grandma, Pawnshop Owner, Street Witch, Villager, Vender, Knight, and Sailor. Completing one mode rewards you with Experience, which in turn awards you with Stars and provides you access to new modes.
The Adventures
In the Adventures mode, you are given a map that highlights the locations and obstacles that stand in your way. From there, you head to a small town, where you interact with the inhabitants as you navigate the locations around town. You can ask questions to the people you meet in this mode, listen to their stories, or attempt to solve a puzzle or two.
The All Story mode is almost exactly the same as the Adventures mode, except that you do not have to interact with people and you have the freedom to choose the order in which you encounter the locations.
The gameplay mechanics are exactly the same as in the Adventures mode: you press a key to move, press it again to talk to people, or press it a third time to solve a puzzle.
The Single Room mode is similar to the Adventures mode, except that there are no people to interact with. Instead, you navigate by clicking on what you need to do, and then you use another hotkey to interact with the environment in some way.
The Quest mode is where you play as the baker’s apprentice who’s chasing after the loaf of bread. You are given a set of locations to visit and a set of characters to talk to along the way.
The stories that the characters tell you are also intercut with puzzle-solving segments. Some puzzles may be timed. In these situations, you are told the amount of time you have remaining in order to beat a puzzle, and then you are given a list of items that you need to collect.


Features Key:

  • New BGMs, including some never before heard anywhere else!
  • Composers have sneak peek at songs before they are finished!
  • A bunch of new lyrics.
  • New cover art!
  • New vocal track arrangements for 5 different versions, w/ vocal sheets included!
  • Added other user info:
    Added recording session notes.
    Added band mailing list.
    Okay, first of all, to anyone saying that my source is unreliable, as if I haven’t tried everything?? 😛
    THanks for looking.
    The reason the metal &refer for the ear pain right now is that I have the album “Eurythmics – Angel Dust” in the drive (but it only plays one song, which is annoying). I also got
    how to record music on GarageBand on YouTube and am trying to record music to my computer, now it just says Audio Bus being unplugged.

    What’s with some of the people on this list? People tell me on here their latest game is already leaked and there is no way I can stop it. I’ve already updated the list and all I’ve said that is that this would appear on the spread and people would already have purchased it. BUT that did
    to be the case where the list is still up.
    How about people who are so sensitive (or a bunch of people) maybe find something else to do with all their time. It’s a forum not some guy’s house.

    First of all I got my album and I got a game called Natural Beauties or whatever it’s called. I’m looking for someone who is willing to give me a cup for my mix. It’s a female artist, they’re about 8min track. I’m willing to trade kilos for the mix. 24
    In exchange of a full cup.

    Thanks for your time?
    I’ve spent 4 hours so far trying to get this cleaned up.
    It’s green and blue but the words write out like it has a child.
    It’s the closest I could get, I haven’t touched it at all…

    nothing to see in my edit, just the songs which have all been checked twice as I have to fix them all and rarely do you touch something twice.
    If there’s anything in the post or title which isn’t correct then double check the spelling


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    Sword Legacy: Omen Free Download (Latest)

    Launch Date : November 5, 2020 Platform : PC, Mac, LinuxGenre : FPS, RPG, Strategy, RPGDeveloper : Jitex Games Russia, Q2 Interactive Services, Darkcloud



    Putin against the aliens: CyberPutin 2077: Endgame (CyberPutin 2077: Endgame) is a Russian adventure video game, released on November 5, 2020 and developed by Cyberpunk Games. The game is based on the plot “Putin against the aliens” and tells about a billionaire, who decides to support the ideas of the Russian Federation in order to protect themselves from alien invasion.


    When it comes to popularity, CyberPutin 2077: Endgame was ranked on September 10, 2020 on the following platforms:

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    Welcome to the game CyberPutin 2077: Endgame!

    Vladimir Putin, the greatest leader of the modern world, the one who got the world out of the financial crisis in 2009, who created one of the most powerful nuclear weapons and successfully kept the peace on the planet Earth, had a single goal: destroy the aliens. He decided to launch a world strike on November 5, 2020, which is exactly one year after the alien invasion.

    You have been chosen to fight against the aliens! You are not the protagonist of this story, you are a number of characters of different types, which have been randomly collected by the main character. A part of your team works with each other closely, while others, such as yourself, work independently.

    You must complete specific tasks to save your planet from an unprecedented catastrophe. The majority of the Earth has been destroyed, but you have to save as much as possible.

    The game has four main sections: Arcade, Strategy, RPG and a component called “Putin”.

    The first part is an arcade game. You use your car to fly to the following locations and carry out specific tasks. By the way, remember to collect all the stars before you complete the main mission.

    Second part of the game is the Strategy, where you will control your team, planning and coordinating the movements of your units. You must look for the best places to be in order to finish the objective.

    Third section of the game is the RPG, where you will meet a living fantasy world, where you can learn different professions,


    What’s new in Sword Legacy: Omen:

      of his or her own

      Jake R. McCloskey (Courtesy of Jake McCloskey)

      Provided to the Chicago Tribune

      By Larry Persily and Steven Greenhouse

      September 20, 2015

      Sawyer, the Chicago hermit crab, has found a home.

      With the help of his human mother, he’s made an adaptation to his new winter habitat by building a house.

      The delicate shell creature is a member of the hermit crab family, which can live for more than 100 years. With a jointed shell, it burrows, like snakes, to stay hidden from predators and live inside a protective burrow.

      Sawyer does not have a shell. Nor is he a pet. But he has recently become a favored resident in the Chicago home of a dog-loving couple he meets nearly every day in Doggy Day Camp on the East Side.

      They call Jake and Katy McCloskey “mom” and “dad.” They, and Sawyer, have their own cozy routine. Jake takes Sawyer to the park. Sawyer still crawls around. Now, however, he sometimes accompanies Jake in the car. He is not backward: He waits until the McCloskeys get within 4 blocks of home before he demands to come.

      And, in turn, the McCloskeys don’t particularly want to walk all the way to the park with him, but they frequently do anyway.

      The McCloskeys are among more than 1,000 parents and caregivers in Chicago who offer therapy to companion animals through the nonprofit organization Good Doggy Day Camp.

      Workers who run the camp search for neighbors on the East Side to take in the 10-week run of dogs, in sessions held Wednesday mornings and Thursdays. Before the camp begins, they schedule a series of couple’s counseling sessions over a three-month span. And after 10 days or so of camp, parents conduct a follow-up session with their Doggy Counselor to discuss any progress.

      It is perhaps natural for most people to begin to see issues in their own relationship — fears, regrets, problems at home or at work — in the interactions of their dogs.

      But counselors say the technique has saved many a dog-lover and can even work on other species, including cats, llamas and horses. Many dogs, they note, could benefit from these human-animal sessions.


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      You are a mercenary with a task,
      You are here to hunt goblins and kill them. All is well.
      Hire a good team of adventurers and in the meantime, enjoy the scenery.
      How do we fight them? we all have weapons, is it just a matter of how well we use them, or have we lost hope?
      Well, that’s up to you.
      In the Black Warren all is well, even if it seems a bit quiet at times. We will have to work hard and earn more to fix that.
      Copyright 2018 RedBalloon Games
      LFG – Easy to learn and implemented well


      The goblin’s are not attacking the city they are re-locating to.
      Every day they leave their encampment in the South, come down the main road to the city, and then split.
      The city is losing “Overwatch” or “Defense” points because the goblins are moving to the next encampment.
      The goblins can be killed by ranged attacks or by melee, but only if you know where to aim and by whom you are fighting, for example, you may need to have your Red teams closest to the goblins.
      There are not 3 or 4 different game types, there are dozens of different game types.
      Each “Region” of the map will have different aggro points, ie a little above or below a certain point, the goblins in the region will react differently. For example, the goblins below that point will fight back your ranged attacks, but not your “melee” attacks.
      The game makes it easy to see how many points of aggro you have. Just press the aggro symbol to learn how many points you have, and the direction of the arrow.
      By pressing Enter you can lose that many points at once, this is a very harsh penalty, and causes the game to save. If you have any points left, just press Escape, to “reset” the aggro points.
      Each weapon has a different archery bonus, and the goblin can be killed by either kind of attack, and if you use both weapons, you get 2 extra dice in this fight.
      Right clicking the weapon inventory items are “essence” items, which are needed to upgrade your weapons. These can only be purchased from a shop near where you are fighting, for example, a goblin is coming out of the wood tower, where you killed him yesterday, and you have a range


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