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PBDelta is a useful application which was designed to highlight the differences between versions of Application Source Code. PBDelta improves on standard diff tools by parsing the source files and comparing the individual chunks of the program. The results of the compared chunks are then displayed in a logical manner making the changes between the versions easier to locate and understand.
Here are some key features of “PBDelta”:
■ PBDelta is used to highlight and report on the changes made between versions of all the files used for developing Applications including; complete applications, groups of libraries, single objects, resource files and .ini files.
■ Use as a management tool to check all the changes to an application before a new release.
■ Merge Objects, undelete functions and controls and restore sections of code.
■ Print full reports or report on just the changes made, batch process a whole project version and report or export the changes.
■ Find out what and why the changes you just made broke the application!
■ Support for multiple versions of PowerBuilder; compare Ansi and Unicode pbl’s, compare PB9 libraries and objects against older PB8 versions.
■ Support for Java Classes and Pocket PowerBuilder.
■ Line Compare allows small changes to be easily identified.
■ New Key Features function summaries important object changes reducing the risk of missing an important change.







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■ PBDelta Serial Key is a set of tools built to compare all versions of an application. The program parses the application source code and displays any changes that have been made between any two versions of an application. The results of the compared chunks are then displayed in a logical manner making the changes between the versions easier to locate and understand.
■ The version parameters for comparing can be set to:
o Pocket Power Builder 8
o Pocket Power Builder 9
o Powerbuilder Source Code 9
o Powerbuilder Source Code 12
o Powerbuilder Source Code 19
■ PBDelta Cracked 2022 Latest Version shows all the differences between the versions of an application including the differences between only the object classes or specific functions between two different versions.
■ PBDelta Crack can be used as a management tool to check all the changes to an application before a new release.
■ Compile a list of changes and auto print the reports using the PBDelta “Print Full Changes” function.
■ PBDelta can compare Libraries, Objects, Controls, Functions, Sections of code and every other file used for developing an application.
■ PBDelta supports Portable Byte Code (PBC) files which makes it very easy to compare objects created in Pocket Power Builder or the PB.exe command line tools.
■ PBDelta will compare between version of ANSI & UNICODE types of code; including:
■ PBDelta compares all the differences made in the source code between two different versions of an application.
■ PBDelta.exe prints full reports of the differences, including all the differences and highlighted changes to the functions, objects, sections of code, etc.
■ PBDelta supports new key features function summaries including;
o Locations of classes in an application;
o Where functions are located;
o Links to the functions within the source code;
o Objects found in the source code;
o Code sections found in the source code;
o Comments in the source code;
o Items changed in the source code;
o Changes in the PB libraries in the source code.
■ New:
■ Compile a list of all the changes made in the source code and auto print the reports.
■ New:
■ Setup and run of standalone executable that will print full reports.
■ New:
■ Print summary reports which identifies the

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PBDelta is a simple Application Source Code viewer used to browse source code files and compare differences between the latest version and an older one.
Version 1.1 now supports the following source files;
* pbj
* pbl
* pbd
* pbj/pbj
* pbl/pbj
* pbd/pbj
* pbj/pbl
* pbl/pbl
* pbd/pbl
* pbj/pbd
* pbd/pbd
* pbg
* pbj/pgm
* pbl/pgm
* pbd/pgm
* pbg/pgm
* pbj/pbm
* pbl/pbm
* pbd/pbm
* pbg/pbm
* pbm
* pbj/pbn
* pbl/pbn
* pbd/pbn
* pbg/pbn
* pbm
* pbj/pbcs
* pbl/pbcs
* pbd/pbcs
* pbg/pbcs
* pbm
* pbj/pbt
* pbl/pbt
* pbd/pbt
* pbg/pbt
* pbm
* pbj/pbr
* pbl/pbr
* pbd/pbr
* pbg/pbr
* pbm
* pbj/pdt
* pbl/pdt
* pbd/pdt
* pbg/pdt
* pbm
* pbj/pdb
* pbl/pdb
* pbd/pdb
* pbg/pdb
* pbm
* pbj/pgm
* pbl/pgm
* pbd/pgm
* pbg/pgm
* pbm
* pbj/pbm
* pbl/pbm
* pbd/pbm
* pbg/pbm
* pbm
* pbj/pgf
* pbl/pgf
* pbd/pgf
* pbg/pgf
* pbm
* pbj/pkp
* pbl/pkp
* pbd/pkp
* pbg/pkp
* pbm
* pbj/pnt
* pbl/pnt


PBDelta is a lightweight tool which facilitates the management and comparison of binary and source files. It was developed as a quick and easy way to highlight any differences between the two versions of your Application, revealing common and uncommon changes made to source files. PBDelta is intended to be used as an internal management tool and to improve the quality of your developed Application.
PBDelta is particularly useful for comparing and merging objects, objects and functions or objects that have been “undeleted” after a bad build.
PBDelta is used as a tool for your own internal development and reports. PBDelta can be used to compare and report on your own library changes or all the changes made to your source files. By comparing and reporting on all of the changes that you are making to your source code you will be able to quickly spot the changes that break your application and will always be better prepared for any errors that may occur.
PBDelta allows you to export a report of the common and uncommon changes made to your source code, together with a listing of the important new changes you may have missed. The list of changes can easily be merged into an existing or new project by hand, but the extensive summary report can also be used with the compare function to analyse the changes for the entire project.
While this tool can compare your compiled source code against your source code it cannot compare your compiled code against a compiled code. PBDelta uses basic file and line level text comparisons as well as checks to identify files that have changed size.
■ Use to identify areas of source code that have changed, highlighting any new or updated code.
■ Provide a means to identify changes made to the source code such as functions, objects, classes, views and controls.
■ Compare any version of your code to any other version of your code, using a set of parameters to identify the differences.
■ Calculate the changes made in an Application; use PBDelta to calculate the Common and Uncommon changes made to a set of files.
■ Produce reports for the changes made; display the common and uncommon changes as a summary report or as individual reports for each file.
■ Identify commonly used objects that have been altered, or lost.
■ Generate a report of the changes made to a set of files, which can be used to merge the changes into an existing or new project.
■ Use as an internal tool

What’s New in the?

PBDelta provides a straight forward way of locating the differences between two versions of a PB library or object. It’s designed to check all PB version differences quickly and easily. PBDelta can report on all differences between two files, one at a time, comparing the version numbers of all referenced objects (classes, files, libraries, objects and instances) and the most common differences reported are listed in an easy to read tabular format. PBDelta provides detailed information on the differences, it can modify the messages to highlight the changes between files and groups of PB code files, it can identify individual control actions, merge objects, undelete functions and preserve sections of code. The application is simple to use and can handle large versions of PowerBuilder.
PBDelta is free to download and use. It is also available to buy and the package includes a registration key that allows you to register the program. These key packs are available for both platforms; Macintosh and PC. To purchase PBDelta using the online ordering facility please email or fax order@energyanswers.com.
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System Requirements For PBDelta:

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