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The fast growing web constantly accommodates new technologies and software development teams have to keep up the pace and implement the in their solutions and make sure their programs are compliant with the latest standards.
This is quite visible especially when dealing with Internet browsers, a type of applications that has always something to upgrade, from webpage rendering engine, to filtering components and many others.
More and more such utilities are being created on the backbone of Chromium and among the new arrivals Orbitum can be counted. The nice and simple interface conceals the powerful components that made Google's Chrome one of the top browsers on the market and also offers a pleasant browsing experience to its users.
The innovation brought by this particular tool consists of a seamless integration with some social networks like Facebook or Vkontakte. Thus, with Orbitum you will be able to chat with your friends while browsing on any other webpage.
All you will have to do is log into your account, on Facebook for example, and then navigate onto the sites you're interested in without ever having to lose sight of the friend list, messages and so on. This is possible thanks to the special chat bar that is attached to the web browser and which makes it possible for you to enjoy the full functionality of the service you are connected to.
If you used Chrome at some point, you will be very familiar with Orbitum because the rest of the functions and customization options are pretty much the same. This means that you can benefit from the same fast engine and load any webpages without too many glitches.
All in all, this Internet browser manages to put up a great performance, which is otherwise expected given its pedigree, and still brings a touch of novelty through the implementation of such a useful chat functionality.







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Win 5.5 MB Orbitum
Browser Browser
Orbitum is a Chrome plugin that when installed, will open social networks and forums inside your browser, specifically Facebook, Vkontakte, Google+ and Twitter. Use Orbitum to keep your social networking experience safe and private.
Social Networking Safe
Share and chat privately with friends and other users using the built-in chat bar.
Integrated Directories
Save time searching for your friends when using a browser. Use the browser to look up your friends on Facebook, Vkontakte, Google+ or Twitter.
Discover Platforms
Orbitum automatically discover social networks and forums.
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Orbitum is an online browser that offers some of the typical functions associated with the likes of Chrome, Opera or Firefox and that will add some of the exclusives of the Chrome browser to the lists of its users, such as the chat feature. While the browser itself is a lot like Chrome in its appearance and performance, it is designed to offer both the social and media components that users of Google’s product are accustomed to.
Basically, Orbitum functions in the same way as Chrome, but it adds some bells and whistles to make the experience even better.
This is mostly the case when it comes to the chat functionality. Its primary advantage over the integration done by Google’s product is that it doesn’t require you to log into another website or social network, but to connect directly to it, right from Orbitum. This is made possible thanks to a special chat bar that will automatically populate with any chat application you access.
This comes with the added benefit that you can keep your other chat tools, like Facebook, Google+ and so on, all in one place, whereas with Chrome, you were forced to log in one after another.
You will also notice that you have access to all the usual tab management and a clean and fast user interface. The performance is even better than that of Chrome and the system works exactly as you would expect from a modern browser.
Orbitum Features:
Orbitum also features a social network integration which makes it possible for you to talk with your friends and stay connected while you browse the Internet.
All you have to do is log into your Facebook or Vkontakte accounts and then search for the websites of your choice. With the click of a button, the chat bar will populate with a list of all the other members you have made contact with.
Of course, unlike with Chrome, you can have a look at the chat messages without having to take your hands of the keyboard or your mouse. In fact, simply navigate to the chat bar and then click on the options button to close it and go back to browsing.
Unlike the chat features offered by the competition, Orbitum also allows you to conduct more complex conversations with the other users present. Thanks to the integration with Facebook, you can chat with them about their status and their life in general without having to worry about anything else.
The only thing that is slightly out-of-the-ordinary is the chat bar that is seen on the top left-hand corner of the page. Now, it

Orbitum Free Download

Download Orbitum for Chrome:

How to Install Orbitum for Chrome:

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Built on the power of the JVM, and bundled with an array of sophisticated enterprise security features, OpenJDK Hotspot is the Java implementation you can rely on. With a focus on performance and stability, OpenJDK Hotspot has been optimized for writing the most demanding Java programs.

Benefits of Java 9

The first release of Java 9, JDK 9, is here. While some of the most noticeable changes are new security features and a lot of performance enhancements, there are some smaller improvements that make the JDK more usable. Let’s take a look at the other changes in this first JDK release.
At its most fundamental level, Java 9 has several new features such as the modular jshell tool, which allows you to write and run Java source code that defines modularized libraries without requiring the

What’s New in the?

Visit Facebook or Vkontakte
Chat with friends
Download the App
Orbitum Features:
Universal – works on all Windows versions
High performance and fast downloads
Mouse wheel support on all windows versions
Lightweight app
Support for Microsoft operating systems
Download Orbitum

The latest update for Silverlight has been released (release date: March 16th, 2015).
Although this update didn’t bring any major changes, like the previous ones, it is still a good choice to download.
Did you know that you can check out our web design tool – Dreamweaver is now free for non-commercial use?
There are many features and advantages, which are also explained in the info-page.
Click here to download.
Orbitum Description:
Upgrade your Silverlight browser to the latest version
100% free
Fast and efficient browsing
No external extensions required
Easy to use and navigate
Download Orbitum

If you’re into the developing world and using WordPress as a CMS solution, you may find your next time to be a bit limited as far as design goes. Not only is your WordPress theme design limited in how it looks, you may find that its development is limited to putting together basic templates from core aspects.
It is a “known” problem and many web developers have decided to cope with it by creating their own made-to-order designs, but that’s not exactly a solution as it always comes down to finding developers to make your theme look the way you want it to look.
In that specific light, Orbitum may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.
From Orbitum
Orbitum is a web application that makes it easier to create responsive themes. This means you won’t need to hire people to design your theme for you. As the name suggests, Orbitum is an all-in-one platform that helps you preview your theme’s responsiveness, configure web fonts, apply custom designs, create responsive images and a whole lot more.
How Does It Work?
Creating a theme from scratch is not an easy task and you’ll find that creating a responsive design is even more challenging.
This is where Orbitum comes into play. You simply upload your website’s HTML and CSS, add new elements using the drag and drop interface, and get a preview of how your theme will look on the screen.
Once you have a theme that you are happy with, Orbitum allows you to access the Theme Builder, which is your theme


System Requirements For Orbitum:

Intel Pentium IV CPU (or equivalent)
Windows 7
20 GB free space on hard disk
Audio and video hardware capable of playing the Windows Media Player file format
Price: Free. Payment can be made using a credit card or other pre-approved online method.
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