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Whether you are a professional software tester or you simply like to evaluate a large array of apps before choosing the one that best suits your necessities, you probably know that a virtualized environment can save you a lot of trouble: you can install any app without worrying it might mess up your previous settings and you can get rid of it just as easily.
And if you want to test the same app on several operating systems, Oracle VM VirtualBox can be quite helpful.
User-friendly layout and steps to follow for adding a new machine
The application comes with an intuitive interface that allows users to add a new virtual machine and choose the OS they prefer (be it Solaris, Windows, Linux, BSD or Mac OS X), as well as the exact version.
The next steps include assigning the new virtual machine the amount of RAM and HDD space it will take, as well as the type of storage, dynamic or fixed, it is to occupy on the PC.
Working with virtual machines
In order to launch any virtualized OS, you simply need to press the Start button – once it is running, you can pause, reset or close your virtual machine, or even clone it or create a dedicated desktop shortcut to help you open it whenever you need it.
Advanced features
If you are an expert user, you can also benefit from the specialized functions of Oracle VM VirtualBox, such as shared folders, seamless windows, 3D virtualization, multi-generation branched snapshots, remote machine display and modularity.
Oracle VM VirtualBox also features versatile hardware support, so that you can create virtual machines that have multiple virtual CPUs (regardless of how many cores you have physically on your PC), that recognize USB devices or ones that come with multi-screen resolutions, integrated iSCSI support and PXE network boot.
A top product on the market
To wrap it up, it is safe to say that Oracle VM VirtualBox can come in handy to both novices and experts: while the former can get their virtual machines up and running in no time, the latter can customize their virtualized environment to the tiniest details.
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Oracle VM VirtualBox 143.380 Crack + With Serial Key Free Download For PC

Oracle VM VirtualBox Cracked Version is a free and open-source software developed by Oracle, which allows users to create, configure and run their own virtual machine, allowing them to run a private copy of an operating system, such as Windows, Linux, BSD or Solaris.
The program offers the largest range of compatibility of the free and commercial virtualization solutions on the market today, so you can run Windows 3.11 and Linux 2.2 in your virtual PC.
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What’s new?
Added Sun SPARC virtualization support, experimental guest copy-on-write support.
Optimizations of shared folders for faster performance.
Added a new button to the main toolbar to launch the host application of the currently opened machine.
Added support for version 4 of the HTML5 app, such as iMacros or Blinkx.Q:

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Oracle VM VirtualBox 143.380 Download

Oracle VM VirtualBox is the perfect solution if you want to run multiple operating systems on a single PC, or if you want to create a test environment for your applications before you install them on your main computer.
Oracle VM VirtualBox – What’s New:
New Features: – Support for USB devices; – Option to configure boot from CD; – Improved editing of OS boot CD configurations; – Supports VMBus 0.3 for Linux; – Improved clipboard sharing; – User-friendly application; – Improved 3D support for Windows Vista; – Improved error reporting; – Improved and updated manuals; – Option to install tools from a CD/DVD; – Option to save memory snapshots; – Support to run more than one virtual machine on a single physical CPU; – Added full screen support for Linux guests; – Support for SSE2 and SSSE3 on Windows XP (experimental); – Added enhanced performance for Windows guests; – New boot options for Windows Vista; – Improved mouse integration for Windows XP; – Support for Dynamic Memory and I/O Virtualization; – Support for Seamless Windows; – New desktop sharing feature; – Added seamless mode for Windows guests; – Improved Direct3D support for Linux guests; – Improved guest stability on Windows guests; – Improved performance of hosts running on 64-bit OS platforms; – Improved performance of hosts running on Windows 7 (32-bit); – Improved performance of hosts running on Windows 7 (64-bit); – Improved performance of Windows guests; – Improved performance of Linux guests running with virtualization; – Improved performance of Linux guests on ATI GPUs; – Improved performance of Linux guests on Intel IGP; – Improved performance of USB devices on Windows guests; – Improved performance of USB devices on Linux guests; – Improved performance of guest OS with special 3D/GL drivers; – Improved performance of host OS with special 3D/GL drivers; – Improved performance of host CPU for processors with and without Intel VT; – Improved performance of host CPU for Skylake processors; – Improved performance of guest CPU for processors with and without Intel VT; – Improved performance of guest CPU for Skylake processors; – Improved performance of XServer and OpenGL in Linux; – Improved performance of host I/O and HDA for USB devices; – Improved performance of host audio; – Improved performance of guest audio; – Improved performance of host video; – Improved performance of guest video; – Improved performance of hosts running on Intel Broadwell processors; – Improved performance of hosts running on other Broadwell processors;

What’s New in the?

Oracle VM VirtualBox Features:

Oracle VM VirtualBox Operating Systems Supported:
Linux x86, x86-64, ARM, ARM64, PowerPC, SPARC

Oracle VM VirtualBox Virtual Machine Requirements:
RAM (minimum)
Starts out with a 1GB RAM requirement.
You can add more RAM in increments of 1GB or with larger add-on modules.
A 64-bit operating system needs at least 1GB RAM; 32-bit
operating systems need at least 2GB RAM.
Processor type
Required processor architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) for
running a virtual machine. For example, a 32-bit
processor can only run 32-bit operating systems.
Hard disk space
The virtual machine must have enough hard disk space available
on the destination host (or at least as much as a full image
of the guest operating system).
Partition style
The virtual hard disk is formatted with a file system that
allows multiple independent operating systems to run on the
same host computer, called a Virtual Hard Disk or VHD.
VirtualBox Image Requirements

The most common Virtual Machine file formats are VHD, VMDK,
VDI, and QEMU Image.

The Image is a section of a Virtual Machine file.

VHD file format:
The VHD file format was created for use with Windows
VHD files are natively supported by Windows only.
VHD files do not require any VHD manipulation,
such as merging partitions, or even partition
VHD files can be created from a physical hard
disk image (ISO file) or Virtual Machine (VirtualBox
There are two different methods to use VHD files.
First, you can open the Windows Format C Drive as
a VHD file.
Second, you can use the New Virtual Machine wizard
to create a new VHD file from a Virtual Machine.

VMDK file format:
The VMDK file format is natively supported by both
Windows and Linux.
VMDK files can be created from a physical hard
disk image (ISO file) or Virtual Machine (VirtualBox
You can open a VMDK file created by Windows as a
C Drive.
You can open a VMDK file created by Linux as a
RAM Disk.
VDI file format:

System Requirements For Oracle VM VirtualBox:

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