CONTACT 24/7 Phone: (784) 494-7090 or (784) 493-0516 | (784) 456-5500

Fixed Based Operations (FBO) Aircraft Handling Services

Vincy and Canouan Aviation Services are full service FBOs located at Argyle International Airport (TVSA) and Canouan (TVSC). The companies maintain a highly trained staff of professionals and a supply of modern, efficient equipment to ensure a truly personalized and hassle free service.

We Offer:

  • Flight Planning
  • Aircraft Marshalling
  • Baggage Handling
  • Aircraft and passenger meet and greet
  • VIP Handling
  • Passenger escort through Immigration and Customs
  • Aircraft Refueling
  • Catering
  • Ground Equipment Rental
  • Lavatory Cleaning
  • Arrange for aircraft parking on apron
  • Crew Lounge

In addition, we will be happy to arrange for the following services at your request:

  • Passenger Ramp Transfer
  • Additional Aircraft security on apron
  • Car rental / Taxi Service

  • Crew Accommodations
  • Aircraft Charter for connection to smaller airfields

We have the full capability and equipment to provide a full range of ground handling services as well as a range of airline and aviation services, including:

  • Ground Handling
  • IATA Approved Travel Agency
  • Ground Tours
  • All-Inclusive Vacation Packages
  • Cargo and Courier Services

We provide only the best service and pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and on-time departure records. Contact us for all your Aircraft Handling needs.

Our Details:

Country Code: SVD
IATA Airport Code: Argyle International Airport: TVSA
Canouan Airport: TVSC
Call Sign: Company VAS
Company IATA No.: 3-0000576-00-VC
Telephone No.: 784-456-5600

Contact persons:

Stanley Gonsalves:  784 494-7090 (Mobile / After Hours)

DesMarie Baynes:  784 493-0516 (Mobile / After Hours)

Contact us today for all your aircraft handling needs!


  • Administration:
  • Airport Office:
  • Operations Centre:


  • Administration: (784) 456-5600
  • Operations: (784) 456-5500 (SVD & CIW)
  • 24-Hour on Call: (784) 494-7090 or  (784) 493-0516
  • Dispatch – TVSA: (784) 456-5100
  • Dispatch – CIW: (784) 482-0095