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A Fantasy Action RPG Created from the Burning Moon for the PC (Windows).
In the world called the Lands Between, which has been sealed off for four years, humans and monsters called the Elden race are living together as the few remaining members of their race. You will rise up and become an Elden Lord.
Gameplay Features

– Skill Upgrades. You will be able to increase your strength, magic and combat skills.
– World Building. In the Lands Between, created through the “Illusion Projection” that has been going on in recent years, there are many routes to the ends of the world, and the routes change continuously.
– Customization. You will be able to customize your appearance, equip equipment, and create a character.
– Visuals. The adventure of the Lands Between is taken by natural-world visuals including the aurora in the night sky, and the beautiful moon that comes out and shines on your adventure.
– Noble Armor. The armor worn by the Elden Lords will have great impact on your character’s character.
– Music. An epic musical score will accompany your actions.
– Multiplayer. Up to four players can connect online. You can freely meet and interact with other players.
– Offline. You can continue your adventure by yourself.


Offline Adventure

The online portion is seamlessly incorporated into the adventure.

Play Offline Anywhere

You can play anytime and anywhere with your character, such as while commuting.

Trample the online world

You can freely play in an offline adventure with a friend.

Online Adventure Begins in a Town

The online portion is seamlessly incorporated into your adventure.

Discover a Unique World

A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.

Assemble Your Party

One man and one woman, or three men and three women. You will be able to assemble a party.

Select Your Style of Play

You can freely customize your appearance, equip equipment, and create a character.

Create a Uniquely Characteristic Adventure

A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.


In the autumn of 2016, Elden Ring will launch the latest version of


Features Key:

  • Online Play
  • Fully-customizable avatar, character, and weapon
  • Three character classes are available: Defender, Guardian, and Attacker
  • Races of all levels, including Elves, Dwarves, Humans, and Gnomes
  • Characters can be mixed and matched based on class
  • Powerful skills and special attacks
  • Dramatic story with many pieces
  • Vast world developed by Dragon Quest IX expert Yuu Miyake
  • Diverse world with a complex and three-dimensional design using a basic fantasy motif
  • Three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard
  • Advanced steering system with full three-dimensional movement—move all the directions—when targeting an enemy
  • New feature to automatically recover your ability points when you successfully attack an enemy
  • Eight Planes: Choose between the Plane of Time, Plane of Life, Plane of Death, Dimension of Time, Dimension of Life, Dimension of Death, Dimension of Destruction, and Plane of Darkness
  • You can travel freely from Plane to Plane
  • Easy to search for easy and hard quests
  • Freely created and customized dungeons featuring three-dimensional game design
  • Over 850 quests
  • More than 300 weapons
  • Crafted weapons and armor
  • Cannot be withdrawn until death
  • Travel system that you can freely travel from various planes
  • Fully customizable character
  • Special attack System
  • Hand-drawn world with various 3D components
  • An RPG-Lite system with a home base for the player to explore the labyrinth as he/she pleases
  • An action adventure RPG
  • A unique world you can freely explore
  • A myth-based story that features multiple layers of meaning
  • Monster graphics that appear only when you engage in close combat
  • Experience the dynamic story at your own pace
  • Meet numerous allies with different attributes and abilities
  • Assemble your own party
  • Unique online system that allows other players to fight alongside you

    Take an elephant gun to slay a dragon with a sword, use sorcery to steal strength from a stone to defeat an enemy, or use a journey via time and space to sneak up on a guard and kill him in a flash. The World Between allows you


    Elden Ring Crack + PC/Windows

    “I love this game. The art style and light-hearted story are a perfect fit. I’d be more than happy to pay for a sequel to this game. Such a wonderful little game.” – Passion4Play-

    “The most interesting and unique RPG I’ve played in a long time.”-Microline-

    “The style of the game is vibrant and entertaining. The graphics are clean and bright.”-GameXplain-

    “Don’t let the coop-only and party members don’t auto-party make you think this game is a Coop-only game. It’s not!”-Fatal_Luck-

    * Features playable Heroes: a Warrior, an Archer, a Thief, a Mage, a Wizard, a Fighter, a Templar, a Monk, and a Rogue.

    * Features a Deep and Dynamic Battle System:

    – Fight with your party, or alone

    – Fighting Style: Cross-Class

    – Up to 15 active party members

    – 2-on-2 Coop Battles

    – Undo and Hit-counter Mode

    – Auto-run battles

    – Authentic-to-the-genre Music

    – Multiple difficulty settings

    – Over 100 active quests

    – Evolved Class Skills: 6-level Passive Skills and Up to 5-level Active Skills.

    The following quests are available as Offline Quests:

    – 15 Main and Side Quests for the Warrior Class

    – 10 Main and Side Quests for the Archer Class

    – 10 Main and Side Quests for the Thief Class

    – 10 Main and Side Quests for the Rogue Class

    – 5 Main and Side Quests for the Wizard Class

    – 4 Main and Side Quests for the Mage Class

    – 2 Main and Side Quests for the Fighter Class

    – 2 Main and Side Quests for the Templar Class

    * Features a deep and engaging Story:

    – 45 Chapters with a large amount of cutscenes

    – Evolved Characters: 3rd Generation of Character Classes

    – 6 Main and Side Quests with 12 Optional Quests

    – Characters can level up during the Main Quest

    – More than 60 NPCs (Party Members and Non-Party Characters)

    * Features Deep Dungeons:

    – City Dungeons: A variety of environmental effects and quest objectives

    – Dungeons: The real life dungeons where the real life battles


    Elden Ring Keygen For (LifeTime) Download

    A large number of different quests are available. The quests you can experience and the direction they take you depend on your actions and choices.

    ► Support the quest by using Tylocin on your horse to execute a Jump Kick/Rush Attack on the enemy or by enhancing your attacks with a Torena Spell.

    ► Lose valuable items for the sake of victory and save a wounded comrade.

    ► Make your attacks on the enemy using different types of weapon arts

    (Weapons: Sword, Greatsword, Pike, Battle Axe, Hammers, Spear, Battle Shield, Bow, Crossbow, and Gun).

    Each weapon can be enhanced with one of four types of Rune that can be provided through the limited time events.

    ► The game includes a number of enemies, each with unique attacks. Defeat them and you will be rewarded with an EXP Coin.

    ► The amount of EXP required to level up increases with your level. Thus, you can level up by destroying enemies.

    ► Time is on your side while on the battlefield. You can gain experience through kills, EXP coins, or special items rewarded through battles.

    ► The stat points attained will be retained even when your character is killed.

    ► The max level of your weapon art will be determined by your stats.

    ► Weapon arts can be enhanced with runes. You can choose from four types of runes; Mystic, Superior, Ephemeral, and Legendary.

    ► These runes have different bonuses depending on their stats and level.

    ► The Mystic Rune is useful for increasing your EXP and chance to gain EXP.

    ► The Superior Rune has a chance to increase your attack power.

    ► The Ephemeral Rune lets you recover more EXP while increasing your defense power.

    ► The Legendary Rune can increase all of your stats.

    ► By commanding your body to its maximum, you can unleash the power of “Truth”.


    Story ELDEN RING game:

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    The Elden Ring has been supporting the lands for thousands of years, maintaining the lands and the people. The Elden Ring has acquired more than the power of the lands.
    The power of the Elden Ring exceeds that of the


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    1. Single Player Mode

    In this mode, you can create and forge your own unique hero.

    The game allows you to change the races, classes, gender, appearance and equipment as you wish.

    Your experience is accumulated as you decide what to do.

    When you complete the main story, the plot continues in side-quests.

    2. Campaign Mode

    In Campaign Mode, you will be brought to various locations to battle real-time battles against all types of enemies with different backgrounds, such as elves and goblins.

    In Final Fantasy XIV Online, your time spent as an avatar evolves through various scenarios, raising the strength of your character and allowing you to unlock new content.

    Side quests that strengthen your character rank increase.

    And repeated challenges await your victorious return to your familiar realm.

    3. Battle.

    Livestream style combat.

    Using skills, status effects and special items, you can engage battles where the enemies can attack from all sides.

    Successfully complete these battles to level up!

    This is far from perfect but it works as a nice temporary fix until this patch is released.
    I’ve removed the ravenous lions (yes i have all eight of them + all the beasts in yaru’s den) and replaced them with tigers for now.

    The lions are not affected either which is why I moved them back to where they were with the beasts.

    Hello everyone,
    I just want to say that I’m looking over the combat with the new skills and the effect they were having on towers and disables and I’ve found a pretty big issue.
    If I connected to a tower on the first day, my damage over time effects didn’t go away.
    The combat log will not have this info, but gameplay will.

    Will log a bug report for that…also, it may work as intended, as most of those towers don’t stand around long after the first few waves of attacks if you do string attacks for long enough…example: I was trying to get an armorsmithing and kines


    Free Download Elden Ring Crack [Win/Mac] (Latest)

    1: Unpack and install the game
    2: Run setup.exe and follow installation instructions
    3: Patch your game if necessary:
    Run Setup.exe and follow the installation instructions
    4: Run game!
    # – Close the first time and exit without saving-You won’t lose anything!

    New Features!
    • Play with Dynamic HDR/ Luminance!
    The game features a “Dynamic HDR/Luminance” function. HDR is meant to reproduce the dynamic range of scenes, and can be set to 4 different modes of which HDR10 is only one.
    Here, the screen will be brighter than before, and the dynamic range of scenes can be increased to clear and saturated images.
    • Easier to see enemy attacks
    When the camera moves, the enemy location is more obvious.
    A meter in the upper right corner indicates the HP of your party members. The amount of blood indicates the amount of damage you can receive.
    • Customization of Weapon Type
    You can choose to equip a two-handed weapon for more powerful attacks.
    If you go to the weapon selection screen, you can change various items, including the weapon type you are using.
    • Quick Seamless Exploration
    You can use “F3” to do a quick, seamless exploration from outside to inside.
    • Adventure Card World: Boost your Adventure Card Points!
    The Adventure Card World lets you level up your Adventure Card Points.
    You can explore various maps and items, and increase your Item Level for each card.
    Wizard World
    The Wizard World will display the card you just reached in a more vibrant and pleasing way than before.
    Here, you can also open the Adventure Card World.
    Random Adventure Card
    The Adventure Card World also displays the “Random Adventure Card” screen.
    When you exit the Adventure Card World, the last card that you were looking at will be displayed instead of the screen you just left.
    Black Book Screen
    The Black Book Screen lets you check the characters’ Adventure Card Points.
    The character you are viewing will be highlighted with a specific color.
    The more you advance, the more the background turns purple.
    You can check your own Adventure Card Points by comparing the colors of the colored backgrounds.
    Reaching Specific Adventure Card Points
    When you reach a specific Adventure Card Point, the background of the Black Book Screen turns purple.
    The more you go up, the more the background will become purple.
    This mode is necessary to check


    How To Crack:

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  • PC/XBOX&Y;


    • German
    • Arabic
    • English
    • French
    • Spanish

    Language Policy: 
    English is the official language for the game. The international version is not available for non-English languages in some languages.

    Game Features: